Ted Cruz




Lies Trump has said regarding Ted Cruz

1. Trump claimed that Ted Cruz’ s father was somehow involved in the Kennedy assassination — this utilized a story from the National Enquirer. There was no basis for this.

2. March 27. Trump claimed Ted Cruz had bought the rights to the advertisement featuring a nude Melania Trump. This was Debunked here by USA today

3. March 23 Trump accused Cruz of coordinating with Super PAC in its ad featuring a nude Melania Trump. He Tweeted “Lyin’ Ted Cruz denied that he had anything to do with the G.Q. model photo post of Melania. That’s why we call him Lyin’ Ted!” Again this was Debunked by USA Today.

4. March 11 Trump lied about Cruz’s count of the states he had had won: “Wasn’t that funny last night when Cruz said, ‘I’m the only one that can beat Donald Trump. I have demonstrated that I can beat him. I won five states.’”  Actually Donald, Ted Cruz factually stated that he had won eight states, not five.

5.February: Trump called Cruz a liar for running an ad that accused Trump of allowing the federal government stay in charge of the state lands they own and not return control of them to the individual states. Cruz was correct, as shown here. Via ‘The Blaze’ ‘The real estate mogul told Field & Stream in January that he was opposed to turning federal lands over to the states. Cruz then ran an ad highlighting what Trump had said. Trump called the ad a scam and urged evangelicals not vote for Cruz “because they don’t like liars.”

6. February 5:  Trump claimed that Ted Cruz received preferential loan rates during his 2012 Senate run, stating that they were “lower than you could get, lower than anybody could get.” It has been shown that the interest rates Cruz reported were attainable at the time.

7. January 22: Trump released an ad stating that Ted Cruz is pro-amnesty . Jeff Sessions testified that Cruz is not pro-amnesty.

8. Trump lied about Cruz stealing delegates from him in Louisiana. Aaron Bandler of The Daily Wire stated, “Trump is indirectly accusing Cruz of cheating here, but Cruz didn’t cheat – he just knows the rules better than Trump. These rules that Trump has been complaining about have actually benefited him. “

9. Trump accused Cruz of coordinating with a Super-PAC to achieve his massive win in Wisconsin: Trump released a statement to this effect, “Not only was he propelled by the anti-Trump Super PAC’s spending countless millions of dollars on false advertising against Mr. Trump, but he was coordinating `with his own Super PAC’s (which is illegal) who totally control him.” As Bandler of The Daily Wire pointed out: “The Trump camp’s supposed evidence of this is that Cruz appeared at campaign events that were put on by the Keep the Promise Super PAC. ” This is not a violation of federal law, as the The Washington Post clarified ‘A close reading of FEC regulations reveals that campaigns can do more than just publicly signal their needs to independent groups, a practice that flourished in the 2014 midterms. Operatives on both sides can talk to one another directly, as long as they do not discuss candidate strategy. According to an FEC rule, an independent group also can confer with a campaign until this fall about “issue ads” featuring a candidate. Some election-law lawyers think that a super PAC could share its entire paid media plan, as long as the candidate’s team does not respond.’