March 21: Trump said “Out of 67 counties (in Florida), I won 66, which is unprecedented. It’s never happened before.”

Actually, in 2004, John Kerry won all 67 counties. In 2000, Al Gore won all 67 . George W. Bush won all 67. In 1996, Bob Dole won 66 of 67 counties for the GOP primary.

March 7: “I think I have $50 million of negative ads against me in Florida. $50 million. Somebody said $50 million.” As of March 11, outside groups had spent $15 million in Florida.

CASINOS IN FLORIDA September 16: Trump said that he didn’t want casino gambling in Florida during the GOP debate.

Jeb Bush said at the time : “The one guy that had some special interest that I know of — that tried to get me my views on something, that was generous and gave me money — was Donald Trump. He wanted casino gambling in Florida.”

Trump fired back with the lie: “Totally false.”

Trump tried to build a multimillion-dollar casino with the Seminole Tribe of Florida, during the late 90’s  according to CNN.

FLORIDA SANCTUARY CITIES September 30: “The state of Florida had sanctuary cities while Jeb Bush was governor. Nobody said anything.”

In a report from the Congressional Research Service  in August 2006, there were 32 cities and counties nationwide that had “sanctuary policies.” None were in Florida.