African Americans

1. November 23: Trump claimed that 81% of white people murdered are killed by black people. The truth, however is that 84 percent of murdered white people are murdered by ‘other’ white people. Trump cited as his source the “Crime Statistics Bureau—San Francisco,” There is no such agency , this reference came from a white supremacist on Twitter

2.  February 21: Trump said that a recent poll showed he had the support of  25 percent of ‘blacks’ in a hypothetical race against Hillary Clinton. Here are the genuine statistics  ‘The “recent poll” was from September., Fox News, Feb. 15-17: 10 percent.USA Today/Suffolk, Feb. 11-15: 7 percent. Quinnipiac University, Feb. 10-15: 12 percent; Morning Consult: Feb. 3-7: 11 percent. Public Policy Polling, Feb. 2-3: 4 percent. Quinnipiac University, Feb. 2-4:  4 percent to 12 percent.’