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The one where I take a closer interest in Politics

When i started this blog i had assumed that I would be writng about gay rights all the time but as time went on I guess I realised that I’m not active enough in gay rights to pull that off. … Continue reading

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Donald Trump committed an illegal act by telling NFL to fire players

When Donald Trump tweeted: He did more than ramp up NFL players and others to oppose the killing of black people by police by kneeling during the National anthem. #TaketheKnee #Takeaknee had players and supporters kneeling in massive numbers across … Continue reading

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#Pulse visuals. Then and now

Considering what this blog was supposed to be about, it might seem unusual that I haven’t written about Pulse.  Well, I really didn’t know what to write. I didn’t know anyone who was taken from us. Someone I’m close to … Continue reading

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 This 1 action can help #TheResistance

‘How long can this go on?’ How many times have you, your friends and relatives said these words about Donald Trump’s Presidency in this short time. Many, many times I’m sure. Maybe you’ve said them verbally. Maybe you’ve complained on … Continue reading

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#VPdebate2016 and #PenceHomophobiaTour2016

On October 4 there will be a debate between the nominees for Vice President, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine  and Governor of Indiana Mike Pence.  Whilst this debate won’t draw as many views as the one between Hillary Clinton and Donald … Continue reading

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Trump lies. (Not the obvious statement, but a collection)

I decided to do a post for Trump’s lies. But the sheer number of lies that Trump has told meant that the post would be this huge scroll of a post, so I’ve broken them up into separate pages. Please … Continue reading

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Remembering #HarveyMilk: 1978 San Francisco Gay Freedom Rally Speech in full

I’ve read quite a few of Harvey’s speeches, but this one resonates with me the most. It demonstrated to me just how much he cared about ALL people irrespective of race, age or sexual orientation.  It also resonates with me … Continue reading

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