Trump’s Twitter Tirades overlooks Asylum

Trump’s latest tantrum on Twitter concerns what he calls an invasion into the US despite figures only being 11% up from last year.

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One thing that took a while for me to pick up on was the notion of Asylum. A great many of the people coming across the border are coming from situations that would qualify under Asylum laws. Here is a quick summary of Asylum from the American Immigration Council.

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This is conveniently not mentioned by the Orange one as it doesn’t suit his crazy, sabre rattling rhetoric. Instead he blames the Democrats for laws (that are non-existent), says they must be sent back straight away and yet many of the kids are being housed by a group that Betsy Devos donated $300,000, and has ties to.  I imagine with all the government money being funneled into private detention centers they are in no hurry to give the detainees up.

Finally, he says that the US immigration policy is laughed at all over the world. This is coming from a man who threw candy at Germany’s Angela Merkel, has told over two thousand lies to the American people  and seems to be trying to start a war with any and every country that he comes in contact with. Yes, Donald it’s the immigration policy the world is laughing at, not you…   idiot