#Pulse visuals. Then and now

Considering what this blog was supposed to be about, it might seem unusual that I haven’t written about Pulse.  Well, I really didn’t know what to write. I didn’t know anyone who was taken from us. Someone I’m close to did lose several. I live very local. I went to vigils last year and was involved in events this year. I was still affected, it was difficult not to be. I witnessed such sorrow all around me and also such messages of love and oneness.

That night

We found out very quickly on the night of the massacre at Pulse.  We were shocked and living so local, wanted to go there immediately. The police were advising people to stay away. From listening to scanners we decided that it could still be dangerous so we stayed away til the next night. We went to a vigil at Lake Eola and to Pulse (well to a few blocks away) where National media had set up camp. I have also posted some photos from this year.  I could write about how upsetting this period in time was but I feel a little phony in even saying it. I didn’t personally lose anyone I  knew at Pulse despite someone very close to me losing many. I’m not Gay or Hispanic. So, aside from the cruel selfish act of one, that robbed so many people of their loved ones and friends. That traumatized a City in particular it’s LGBTQ and Hispanic population.  And affected the LGBTQ Community worldwide. What made me emotional was seeing people that I love upset, seeing unconditional love given to strangers and strangely, just simple acts of kindness. 


Lake Eola Vigil June 12  2016


20160701_22101420160701_22112820160701_22122320160701_22125220160701_221601IMG_-elgr6ePulse June 12 2016




Dr Phillips Center Orlando June 13  2016

Pulse and Lake Eola Park June 2017

 Orlando Shakespeare Theatre June 2017