This 1 action can help #TheResistance

‘How long can this go on?’

How many times have you, your friends and relatives said these words about Donald Trump’s Presidency in this short time. Many, many times I’m sure.

Maybe you’ve said them verbally. Maybe you’ve complained on social media. But how much does that achieve? One action you can take at any time and should take often is to contact you elected officials.

Be a pain in their butt so they can be a pain in Trump’s butt

Call your U.S. member of Congress or Senators in D.C.


House of Representatives:

There’s even an app that can get ideas for what to say. It’s called “5 Calls”. It dials and gives you talking points!

And if you don’t want to phone them you can always email them . For other ideas checkout Michael Moore’s 10 point plan to remove Trump, where some of this post info came from.


Thank you and please make calls often.