‘Credence’ – The First #LGBT #SciFi Film



‘We’re all made of stars’


The short film is the story of an LGBT family 2 gay fathers and the ultimate sacrifice they make to save their daughter during the evacuation of planet earth as it is made uninhabitable by catastrophic storms.

The film challenges and redefines the portrayal of LGBT in film. In particular, it pushes SciFi Film, in an encouraging, more progressive direction.

In a press release Credence’s Director said

“Credence has a universal message that in any kind of tragedy it’s important that couples come together and support one another,”



Checkout the trailer >



This universal message, for me, is what makes it such a powerful film. In my opinion, homophobia, racism and hatred in general arise from a lack of understanding of commonality. People, despite social media and social lives move in close circles that they determine based on family and social influences. Attitudes and misconceptions develop towards others they don’t understand or experience regularly. By portraying a Gay family the straight world can see that Gay people often want to have children, they love and nurture in the same way as straight people. They are strong and courageous in defense of their family. Why is this? Because we are all Human. Love is Love. Homophobia seems to focus on perceptions of physical acts rather than the underlying principle of love. This film is the kind of bridge building we need to happen in a world introduced to the relatively new concept of Gay marriage. Ok, enough of me from my LGBT activist soapbox, back to the film.





‘Credence’ was a great example of an Indie film that utilised Crowdfunding well. The campaign was launched on Indiegogo in July 2014 and its goal was £6,000. The campaign was hugely successful, attracting the attention of  607 donors, getting 120,000 page views and raised £23,000, over four times the initial goal.



Credence has attracted a great deal of attention in the media check out links to the articles Huffington Post, The Independent on Sunday, Wired (1 & 2) , Upworthy, Gay Times, Towleroad (1 & 2), Advocate, Pink News  and JoeMyGod.


The Talent

 Alex Hammond – Scott


Has performed in Theatre and Musical Theatre for several years all over the UK ( see link above) Is a musician and Triathlete.



Anthony Topham – John

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 17.25.42.png

Has been a stage, TV, film and musical actor since the 90’s. Check out the link above for his extensive CV and great website. In addition to performing he also teaches Acting and Camera techniques


Tia Kenny as  Ellie


Is 8 years old and has already appeared in a feature film and several shorts as well as TV and modelling appearances.


Director Mike Buonaiuto.



Mike Buonaiuto is an award winning Director. His credits include ‘Love always wins’,



and Invisible parents

Aside from Mike’s film making talent, Mike has spent a decade working with Organisations and charities such as the United Nations Human Rights Office, Help For Heroes, HeForShe, ILGA Europe, Nespresso CSR, UN Women, Anthony Nolan Blood Cancer, Stonewall, Out4Marriage, European Network Against Racism, The Syria Campaign, Terrence Higgins Trust, StopAids and AllOut.org

In response to feedback during the creation of Credence,  Mike founded and now runs Shape History   a Creative Agency for Social Change with a membership of over 1000. Its goal is to link Creatives with the causes that they are passionate about.

Mike can be found at

Twitter: @Videographer88

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/buonaiuto

Credence: www.facebook.com/CredenceFilm





Jamie Thompson


Jamie aside from being writer of Credence is also and Actor, Director and Drama teacher.




Tobi Coventry


Currently a freelance Assistant Producer at Dog Eared Films and Film Scout. Check his LinkedIn page above for more details.


Director of Photography

Leighton Cox


Check out his portfolio






‘Credence’ premiered at Prince Charles Cinema in London’s West end theater district in May 2015


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The film became available online Nov 2  2015  on Vimeo (link) for $5.99 check out the trailer for the film  >

 Here’s the “First Look” Trailer



Behind the scenes look at ‘Credence’ with Mike and his talented team

Photo gallery

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What’s next?

Credence will be promoted on the film festival circuit, and in particular at New Fest, Out Fest, Flare, Sundance and Raindance.

There are hopes that this short film will be  just the start of this story.

I hope so too.

Help this great film by purchasing the it on >Vimeo <

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