Will Indiegogo do the right thing, remove #WalterScott s Murderer’s fundraisers and end #BoycottIndieGogo ?

Breaking: Indiegogo has removed ALL active campaigns for the murderer of Walter Scott (as of 3pm est 4/10/15) of course this doesn’t stop more going up, so keep watching .


I guess we expected it. There have been controversial fundraisers recently for Darren Wilson for example. But the fundraiser for the murderer of Walter Scott hit me even harder. I’ve used Indiegogo for fundraising, had conversations with them on Twitter. I appreciated them for helping my filmmaking son get a start.

I guess I mistook their intent! I believed they supported creatives and were all round good guys. I see know that they have no moral compass, they just want your money. This saddens me , I promote film projects on Indiegogo all the time, I’ve developed friendships with them. They deserve better. We all do. I’m not out to destroy Indiegogo. I like the concept very much. How they operate just needs some work. Over time major corporations have succeeded by doing ‘ the right thing’ , by showing that they care about PEOPLE. You CAN make large amounts of money and still exercise good moral judgement. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Yesterday I threw myself into #BoycottIndiegogo with a passion. I wrote to them to ask them to see sense. Replies everyone received were the same.>

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 1.53.44 PM


They didn’t see a problem.

I think they WILL see a problem. I assume at this stage they believe that the outraged people probably don’t use them anyway. They are wrong. More and more Indiefilm makers , producers and other creatives are also making it known that they disapprove of the campaigns and Indiegogo’s reluctance to remove a fundraiser for a murderer.

BoycottIndiana showed one interesting thing it was that company’s exert power. When Company’s started withdrawing support the Politicians had to take notice. The next stage , for me, would seem to be, contacting the investors in Indiegogo, asking if they think this is acceptable practice and what tey are prepared to do about it.

I’ll be pasting a selection of screenshots from  #BoycottIndieGogo on Twitter. I’ll remove names/logos where possible to prevent backlash from trolls.



From  a Producer and a filmmaker

” We will no longer support ANY projects on

“I will never use again and will tell everyone I know not to visit, donate and support them. ”  – A Filmmaker

“Don’t support a company that allows crowdfunding to support alleged murderers & any other criminals!” – Author

“I will no longer donate a cent to any campaign on . ” – Writer

“I love what does for creative people but they need a moral compass right now ” -Father of Young Filmmaker

“So refuses to do anything about the Slager funding. The only answer is a full on Never getting any of my money.”- Musician

Michael Slager fundraising pages up to $555 now; congratulations. Proud of raising money for a murderer?

“Shame on for aligning themselves with those who support murder..I suggest using ” -Radio Show Host

Your support of Michael T. Slager’s fund page is insensitive, repugnant, and horrible. Anything for a buck, I guess.”