#BulliesAndFriends will save lives worldwide!…But only if you help

If you are able please support financially or by sharing>  bulliesandfriends.com This is an  anti-bullying documentary film that already has won multiple awards including from the UN.  But, despite having highly accomplished directors and producers it doesnt have the backing of a studio to get it the worldwide distribution it has been to opportunity to have. In the National screenings at schools it has positively impacted the student to such an extent that some approached the filmmakers saying that the film gave them the hope they needed to stop them from committing suicide.  My words can’t do it justice, please checkout the website.  I watched the promotional  video and it brought me to tears remembering years of being bullied at school, and thinking how beneficial this can be in saving lives.  If you want to throw it a buck or two it could save a kids life. A child in this country, on the other side of the world,  or maybe in your own home

Please go to the site, watch the video.  If you can donate please do. Or buy a gift. Many TV stars authors,  etc have generously donated special personalised items that can be purchased on the site.   If you own a company there are many sponsorship offers that you can sign up that benefit the movie and your company.  Please checkout this film.  It is already made it just needs to be seen but it may not  without YOUR help


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