#Livestream ing events/ #Protest s without your phone battery dying and mounting cellphone to a tripod

I admit I’m a bit of a noob at streaming video but one of the things I picked up on quick is that it kills your cellphone battery.


So here’s my tip, connect to a USB power bank:


I attached a USB Power bank to a small lightweight tripod’s legs (You can also to just put the power bank in your pocket ).


Powerbanks can be either expensive for a good one or underpowered within your pricerange. These simple DIY ones just require you either pull apart a laptop battery or buy the 18650 cells and power bank case and slot them in!  What you end up with is the equivalent of 3/4 of a laptop battery in your pocket. Lots of power! Keep it with you and never have a dead cell phone again.

My power bank was made from an old laptop battery cut open to reveal the excellent 18650 batteries. watch the video to see how to remove the batteries and you too can make the equivalent of a $70 Power Bank for about $10 . Once out add them to a case like so This 10000 mAh 2A device will charge a cellphone battery at least 4 times from flat. I’ve used it to power my phone for streaming video for 2 hours and the phone stayed at 100% the whole time. Once built you charge the power bank via regular USB cords and charge your phone with your regular cellphone cords, simple.

Watch the video the parts are readily available on eBay here’s an example of the case you need > link  They are between $5 and $10. Make sure the case you buy can hold 4 cells (or more ) or doesn’t include them already (more expensive!) . Also you might want to choose one with 2 outputs ( that way you can charge/power 2 usb devices) If you don’t have a donor laptop battery you can buy the 18650 cells REALLY cheap on eBay. There are tons of tutorials on Youtube and Google on how to do this great cheap DIY project


So that’s power, next mounting the cellphone:




This is my setup that gives me the versatility of having a tripod when there’s sufficient space to use it, as a makeshift monopod (with legs extended but unopened) when there isn’t, and totally closed for shooting while moving. I realised that there are scaled down versions of Glidecams, flycams, etc too, but I wanted something small. I attached the powerbank to my lightweight tripod with one of these flexible stands



At the top of the tripod I attached an metal L-bracket (from Home Depot/ Lowes etc) with a 1/4″ hole drilled in the center.

My cellphone has a case with a stand


so I cut a notch from the side of the vertical part of the L-bracket and padded it with tape and foam so I can slide it between the gap of the stand.


An alternative mounting method is to buy a cheap rubber phone case from eBay and glue velcro to the back of it and to the back of the L-bracket.



I will probably upgrade my setup to using a cheap monopod with a hole drilled in one of the legs to mount the Power bank (which might help with stability in closed position too). I’ll probably add feet to the monopod too.