So This Happened: African-American Firefighter & Pastor Arrested For Waving At Police (PHOTOS)

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George Madison arrested firefighter

Apparently being friendly can get you locked up.

George Madison Jr., an off-duty firefighter and pastor who also happens to be black, was riding his bike when he saw a police car approaching the same intersection.

Believing he recognized one of the officers from his work with the local fire department, Madison waved at the vehicle. But what happened next wasn’t as friendly. According to the Daily Mail:

Through his work on the local fire department, he is familiar with a number of the police officers in Evansville and he thought he recognized one of the men in the car so he waved.

That is not how the police interpreted it, however, as they claim that they thought he was flicking them off.

The officers stopped Madison, and, according to Madison, they were getting confrontational.

He then took out his phone and went to call the police chief, Billy…

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