Westboro Hate Group comes to #UCF 7/15/13 If you’re in #Orlando & human come out against them

On 7/15/13 the Westboro Hate Group is protesting at, what they call, “demon-possessed” UCF,  mentioning the SCOTUS decisions related to gay rights.

They are quoted from a press release as saying:

“They’ve dedicated their University’s resources to ‘LGBTQ [Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Questioning/Queer] Services’ to formally & audaciously extend their middle finger in the face of their creator,”

wbc lgbt 2

Notice how I stopped short of calling them a religious institution. One reason is the Southern Poverty Law Center decision in 2007 to classify them as  ‘Hate Group’.  But mainly because I refuse to believe their actions can be driven by the divine.They are believed to spend over $250,ooo a year on picketting, with at least 6 pickets of hate per day on average. They fund much of their activity by bringing lawsuits against counter protestors. So be careful if you oppse them not to do anything illegal.

wbc lgbt 1

I would like to  highlight the people they hate, which seems to be everyone but them, and why these groups should vociferously oppose Westboro.

wbc lgbt2

Firstly the LGBT community.


The hatred of the LGBT community is well known so for now I will concentrate on other groups they hate. Over the years Westboro Hate Group has picketted the funerals of victims of Gay murders, people who have died from AIDS.  This included in 1998, when they picketted the funeral of Matthew Shepard.

Firstly, I urge anyone from the LGBT in Orlando to attend UCF 0830 on on 7/15/13 at the free-speech areas at UCF to counter-protest them. There will also be the facility to donate to local gay youth groups in the area. Westboro has been to several Central Florida educational establishments in the last few years and does so regularly across the country victimizing gay youth at a time in their lives which is difficult enough without these nuts turning up at their schools and colleges.

wbc lgbt3

Black Community

As equal haters, Westboro are racists too. Nathan Phelps, Son of Founder Fred Phelps said:

 on Jan. 11, 1993, a fax, was sent out under the Westboro Baptist Church heading labelling a local  Black lawyer as an “INCOMPETENT BLACK WH—” and “BLACK TRASH.”

A fax dated May 22, 1992, called a Black politician a “BLACK THUG,” a “CRIMINAL” and a “HOLLIGAN.”

“We would call black people ‘DNs’ at home,” Nathan Phelps explained. “It stood for dumb n***ers…We thought it was clever to call them that in front of them.”

Nathan said his father is nothing but an old-fashioned, anti-Black hate monger.

and here are some further examples from BET (Black Entertainment Television) website

BET link

At 8a.m. on 7/15/13 Westboro Hate Group plans to protest outside the  NAACP Convention at the Doubletree Hotel,  9840 International Drive in Orlando.

Armed Forces

Westboro Hate Group have for several years been picketing the funerals of the brave Americans who have died in the line of duty.

wbc military 2 wbc military 1


Westboro Hate Group  have stated regarding the 19 Firefighters killed in Arizona 6/30/13 were killed because of same-sex marriage. They plan to picket the funerals.

Here are some of their tweets on the matter:

@ABC:…19 AZ firefighters die battling fast-moving wildfire..” Praise God-a consuming fire! No , rebels

Westboro Baptist Church THANKS GOD for AZ fires that killed 19 firefighters! cc: @RyanPrakOHara @abc15 @ARIZONA12NEWS pic.twitter.com/h7UAUE7M0v

Westboro Hate Group spokeswoman Shirley Phelps-Roper was on Twitter, calling the fire a “marvelous work of God” that caused the so-called church to “bow in humble thanks and praise to God!”

Major counter-protests against the funeral picketting have started already,  involving human chains and hundreds of Patriot Guard Riders

Firefighters in Orlando please come out to support your fallen brothers (like me)

Jewish Community

At a protest by Westboro Hate Group at the National Holocaust memorial Museum in Washington D.C. in 1996 Phelps said:

“Whatever righteous cause the Jewish victims of the 1930s–40s Nazi Holocaust had (probably minuscule, compared to the Jewish Holocausts against Middle Passage Blacks, African Americans and Christians—including the bloody persecution of Westboro Baptist Church by Topeka Jews in the 1990s), has been drowned in sodomite semen. American taxpayers are financing this unholy monument to Jewish mendacity and greed and to filthy fag lust. Homosexuals and Jews dominated Nazi Germany … The Jews now wander the earth despised, smitten with moral and spiritual blindness by a divine judicial stroke … And God has smitten Jews with a certain unique madness … Jews, thus perverted, out of all proportion to their numbers energize the militant sodomite agenda… Jews are the real Nazis”

From Anti-defamation league website:

While WBC members have protested at Jewish institutions over the years, such institutions were not a major focus for the group until April 2009. Since then, WBC has targeted dozens of Jewish institutions around the country, from Israeli consulates to synagogues to Jewish community centers, distributing anti-Semitic fliers to announce planned protests at these sites. WBC has also been sending volumes (in some cases dozens over the course of a week) of faxes and emails with anti-Semitic and anti-gay messages to various Jewish institutions and individuals.

In addition, in April 2010, the group began mailing a virulently anti-Semitic DVD to Jewish organizations and leaders.

wbc j1 wbc j2wbc j3


At the memorial to the victims of the 9/11 attacks Westboro Hate Group picketted with signs such as “God’s Wrath = 9/11, & America is  Doomed,” “Soldiers Die, God Laughs,” and chanted “God hates America,”.wbc 911 usa1

Westboro Hate Group picketed the funeral of Michael Jackson on  June 25, 2009 & WHG also recorded a song called “God Hates the World”, an parody of Jackson’s “We are the World”

wbs usa3

Westboro planned to picket the funerals of the victims at Sandy Hook , the effect of which was that a human wall was erected around the area. Anonymous also hacked the groups website. They also planned to picket the funerals of Boston bombing victims issuing this hate filled warning:

boston bombings wbc

WBCkids usa 4

WHG attended Barrack Obama’s inaugurations calling him the “beast” and the “Anti-Christ” & standing on the American Flag!

wbc obama wbc obama 2

This is just a brief synopsis of Westboro scope of hate . They have also condemned and attacked the Catholic church. Islam, Hinduism, Eastern Orthodox Christianity & Protestantism. They have issued statements of happiness in death of thousands due to natural disasters in China, tornadoes in Oklahoma, Hurricane Sandy etc.

godhateschinaHopefully, I’ve given you reason to attend the protest against Westboro Hate Group 7/15/13 at UCF or whenever & wherever you may be. If protest is not for you donate to a charity relevant to the counter-protests at the time. Charities being supported at UCF counter-protest include Zebra Coalition and Orlando Youth Alliance 

So, I hope to see you at UCF on 7/15,  please search Facebook and Tumblr for event pages as they have been changing. Many hundred have vowed to attend.

As you can see there are so many reasons to attend. If you are LGBT, Black, Firefighers, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, and American, please add yourself to this positive message of support and love.

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