Could this be the REAL cause of #Zimmerman s head injuries? #ZimmermanTrial #J4TM

Is anyone else having problems with the cause of the injuries to George Zimmerman’s head? Yep me too. At first glance some of the photos look bad . But when George’s wounds are cleaned up at SPD the next photos show the wounds are really quite small. Even in the cleaned up photos. I’ve shaded what I believe to be the extent of the major wounds to the back of his head below


As a former firefighter the puncture wounds seem inconsistent with being hit against concrete. Scalp wounds have specific  characteristics due to these factors.

  • The skin on the scalp is stretched over the skull.
  • The scalp is well supplied with blood

If Zimmerman had his head repeatedly hit against concrete, to the extent the defense team are purporting, a high degree of bruising would result and  major wounds would likely to have split open.

For anyone who has fallen on concrete you know you get a graze/road rash type wound. If Zimmerman’s  head hit on the edge of a concrete slab there would be a linear wound with a high degree of bruising.

If he had been punched in the nose why would he have the small puncture wounds on the tip and towards the top of his nose?

The cleaned up Zimmerman photos taken at Sanford Police Dept show small punctures and lacerations to the scalp and nose

zimmerman-nose 120517-zimmerman-hmed-341.380;380;7;70;0

So what else ‘COULD’ have caused the injuries?

Notice my wording, this is put forward as an alternative not a 100% belief, there are so many variables, exagerations, witnesses, changes in this case it is important to keep an open mind



Look around the site of Trayvon’s death. The conditions were very dark, there may have been both running and /or an altercation in an area where these trees are.

Check out the video re-enactment (9m:30s forward). Do you see the height of the limbs. Also notice how closely spaced they are. Imagine running or even fighting  in near pitch darkness.

I’ve been criticised by the haters, but surely this has to be a possibility. If you’ve ever been scratched by bushes/trees doing yardwork or hiking , whatever you know that you can get these kind of injuries.


The photos show the condition  of the trees at ‘The Retreat at Twin Lakes’  in February 2012. They are devoid of leaves. It is quite possible George Zimmerman could have either collided with a tree in pursuit of Trayvon or,  collided with a tree while fighting with Trayvon

Evidence photos

An ER worker I consulted with also said to me they believed these injuries to George Zimmerman were most likely caused by collision with thin, sharp tree limbs. They formed this professional opinion not just by speculation, but because they had seen exactly the same injuries that were caused in this way.

To the GZ fans/Skeptics I am not saying that a fight didn’t occur or disputing any medical reports (which for the record only say they ‘Likely’ that his nose was broken , not that it was) .  A fight may have occurred that caused some of George’s injuries, but his reporting on his repeated beating against concrete doen’t ring true with the extent of his injuries

tree 2

As an other point of interest this photo below shows an SPD photo of the side of Zimmerman’s head. As you will see blood flowed towards his ears.


For this to happen his head had to be in this position at some time. Face down, as he was on top of Trayvon presumably.

zimmerman_head_story leaning


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      1. Friend of Harvey, I think you’re right about the trees. GZ’s injuries could have also been caused by rocks or gravel in the grass or could have been self inflicted . I do not think his wounds were caused by Trayvon.

      2. I’m glad i’m not the only one who knows those aren’t concrete wounds. I have done my own investigation through this whole ordeal and think that the roots of this tragic event
        go deeper than smacking a tree. They don’t make web pages big enough for me to tell you what i really think happened so i will tell you one of my biggest problems with this case. You have noted that there are no scrapes around the wounds, but also look at the blood path in the most recent cell phone photo taken by GZ’s neighbor. Everyone has seen blood has anyone ever seen blood that would have mixed with moisture from wet blades of grass and wet concrete. The blood path’s running down GZ’s head are to clean to have came in contact with any moisture. Not only would the blood path be smugged or smeared it would have looked like a lot more blood was present then actually there. No GZ DNA found on TM’s hoodie jacket elbow to wrist cuff or his hands. GZ’s gun had GZ DNA on it. The lowest wound on GZ’s head is in fairly straight line until it gets to the bottom where there is a slight curve. The bottom of the clip of keltec pistol GZ has that same curve. In fact i bet if placed right on that so called vicious wound (I’VE HAD WORSE AND LIVED) it would fit right in there. My long and drug out point is travon was already dead GZ stood up and inflicted those wounds himself. His word against a DEAD KID.

  1. Zimmerman had a gun.
    Trayvon did not.
    Zimmerman is alive.
    Trayvon is not!!
    It’s difficult for me to imagine
    Zimmerman screaming for help with a gun in his hand!
    Plus, I saw Trayvon’s girlfriend or friend that is a girl, on television right after it happened. She stated that Trayvon called her and was screaming for help! I tend to believe her!
    Senseless act of aggression and murder!
    My mind is made up, you’ll have to prove otherwise to me!!!!
    So sorry for Trayvon ‘s family!!!!! You can just look at his picture and see that he was a great happy kid!!!!! Walked through the wrong neighborhood that night !!!!

  2. So you’re saying it was “very dark” that Zimmerman didn’t see the trees but that state’s witness could make out who was on the ground?

    1. from reading the witness reports the consensus is that it was very dark, many said they saw shapes or shadows, some could see colors but couldnt tell male or female.If you look at the photos from the scene, Flash photography was often used so you have to assume the condition was at least as poor as the shadowy areas. The only lighting was from houses. I appreciate your comment

  3. The problem you have with the pics taken at SPD was he was already cleaned up by EMT’s at the scene. However there is a pic taken at the actual scene where the blood flow also went towards his ears

    1. You are talking about this picture (I’m posting below) which was taken before the police arrived. The blood is flowing like a fresh cut and not someone who was cut while fighting in dirt and grass…where is the dirt and grass and why is there no smears from being on his back.

    1. Am I correct in thinking that the ends of the branches would be sharper if the trees had been freshly pruned? I remember thinking that’s how they looked in pics I saw within a few days after 2/26. The ends of the branches looked very clean and the color was light as if just cut.

    1. It may come out…but let’s remember the key point–this is a theory of what happened. Theories, speculation and opinions are not evidence of a crime. Even if you can prove that Zimmerman’s injuries were minor, that does not prove that he committed murder. It just proves his injuries were minor and doesn’t speak to murder or self-defense.

      1. Many agree with you, here is a link to a video of Frank Taaffe walking past that same exact tree,. Taaffe Ducked under this tree, same as Fogen would have:

        please start at the 2:45 mark (watch also when the scan the whole dog walk and notice all the closeness of several trees on the edge of the dog walk (sidewalk):

  4. I used to work in the ER. I have seen serious head trauma. Those little scrapes on #Zimmerman’s head are not consistent with life-threatening head trauma. I have ALWAYS had issues with those wounds, the splatter pattern & his story.

  5. If his head wounds were there during the fight, then where is the dirt and grass in this photo taken before the police arrive. This photo was taken by a neighbor.
    Not only is there no dirt and grass, but the blood is running as if it was freshly cut. This make me go hmmmmm!!!

  6. I wondered about the scalp wounds too. Minor scalp wounds can bleed pretty profusely. But repeated knocking against concrete would have caused bruising, swelling and much bigger abrasions than what you see on Zimmerman’s head a few hours after.

  7. I think the cut in the middle of his head is the vertical line just below the square. Still insignificant and not caused by head bashing on concrete. I have done far worse to myself with a fingernail scratching a mosquito bite.

  8. I’ve often thought the trees might be a factor. I’ve treated patients as Nurse Practitioner that have been in fights as GZ described, they had far worse injuries and wouldn’t have hesitated to go to ER for treatment, especially if they had been ready to lose consciousness, possibly indicating traumatic brain injury. GZ was comfortable in not going due to the fact he knew he hadn’t been having his head slammed on concrete repeatedly.

    I saw pictures of those trees taken in the daytime a day or two after the fight, the ends of them looked freshly pruned which means they would be much sharper than normal. It makes far more sense considering neighbors saw two men running in complex. It was raining intermittently and GZ could have easily slipped on the ground.

  9. I also wondered if GZ had received the wounds from other than having his head “bashed against the cement” several times. Two tiny lacerations….Really? Where were the “egg” swellings that you would get from that kind of trauma to the head? Hasn’t anyone seen an egg swelling that you get when you fell off your trike or bike when you were a kid? They do not go away immediately.

    1. Egg swelling is an excellent point, as well as this article. The pinhole puncture marks on Zimmermans nose don’t make sense, and if you watch a video of a kel-tek 9 fired in slow motion it’s quite interesting. The part of the gun that snaps back to expel the shell looks like it has two sharp points on the back edge. Zimmermans close proximity to TM would make it plausible the he fired the gun while holding it sideways as opposed to extended arms with gun verticle. Either the prosecution has big surprises coming or they are doing the Martin family a huge injustice. I’ve read more sensible scenarios on the Internet than I’ve seen in that courtroom. I think GZ drew his gun when he spotted TM at the approx spot his body was later found. He went towards him, TM asked “why are you following me” GZ demands “what are you doing around here” and then TM “get off me!”. I think at that point GZ had ahold of Trayvon by his jacket or something and waving his gun around. Trayvon struggled to break free and they both end up on the ground. The screaming is TM struggling to keep GZ’s arm down and the barrel of the gun away from being pointed at his body. Sad that no one was brave enough to run to the aid of a person screaming for help.

  10. Everything that has been presented on this post is speculation on what may have happened. Speculation IS NOT evidence and cannot be admitted as evidence. It is very possible that Trayvon was murdered by Zimmerman. It is equally possible that Zimmerman acted in self-defense. However, the jury must determine the facts of the case based on evidence not the opinions or speculation presented in this post. I know it won’t be popular to post this on this site but in order to convict Zimmerman evidence must be presented to show guilt beyond a reasonable doubt! All of the emotion and opinions expressed do not constitute evidence. Let’s remember the OJ Simpson case–the prosecution had a ton of physical evidence–Nicole’s blood, Goldman’s blood, and OJ’s blood at the crime scene. Nicole and Goldman’s blood in OJ’s Bronco, and their blood leading right up to the front door of OJ’s house and OJ’s history of domestic violence toward Nicole, yet the jury still found reasonable doubt. Unless the prosecution can show a motive for Zimmerman killing Trayvon–previous threat, racist attitude, etc, it is not likely to win a conviction because there a lot of reasonable doubt.

    1. I agree this is speculation. This case has generated huge interest. I’m not in the courtroom nor would I want to be. When things seem unusual people theorise. btw regarding the OJ case remember how the gloves were moved in the photos. That was a little fishy don’t you think too?

  11. Trees are a possibility. I think Zim slipped in the wet grass and fell backwards and hit his head on that green plastic lawn sprinkler controls cover which is right next to where the murder occurred. Green box is imbedded in grass and is visible in all the photos.

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