Robert Zimmerman Sr’ Racist rants on Racism #J4TM

Robert Zimmerman Sr has released an ebook on Amazon, 6/14/13 presumably to raise money for his son called “Florida v. Zimmerman: Uncovering the Malicious Prosecution of my Son”

So far, it would seem to be a slew of claims of racism by other against George Zimmeman which in themselves are racist and would be laughable if not so serious.

I will be posting a few excerpts from the book which firstly come from Think Progress article  :

To begin with he claims the following organizations are racist:

The National Basketball Players Association.

Black Chamber of Commerce.

National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers.

National Black United Fund.

United Negro College Fund.

Congressional Black Caucus. He calls them “a pathetic, self-serving group of racists… ” adding that “all members of Congress should be ashamed of the Congressional Black Caucus, as should be their constituents.”

The NAACP. he claims “promotes racism and hatred for their own, primarily finical, interests” 

He refers to :Benjamin Crump, Natialie Jackson and Darryl Parks, attorneys for Travyon Martin’s family. as  the “The scheme team.”

Really? Does he realise just how racist this makes him sound?

Zimmerman Sr. also says that due to Eric Holder’s decision to investigate whether Trayvon Martin’s death violated federal civil rights laws, taxed to manpower of the FBI to such an extent that lives were lost at the Boston marathon because of it claiming-the FBI did not have “adequate resources to investigate clearly identified potential terrorist [sic] in the Boston area.” Now, “tragically, we have suffered the consequences of Mr. Holder’s politically motivated decisions.”

There are FBI all over the country Mr Zimmerman, come on.


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