Dissecting Zimmerman lies on SPD interviews http://youtu.be/gVUqY3tyttc #J4TM

Hi, over the next few months I will be posting re: Zimmerman trial. To begin I will be dissecting the audio from Zimmerman Police interviews as posted to You Tube

So, over the next few days I will be taking this audio recording of Zimmerman talking to SPD apart pointing out the glaring lies, contradictions and any other words you can think of that  spell BS . If you spot them before me please point them out in the comments section, ideally with the time stamp

So, here we go, in no particular order:

  • “I wasn’t following him I was just walking in the same direction,” Zimmerman “

“That’s following” SPD

  • He said he wasn’t following Trayvon, he just wasnt sure what street he was on and had to get out to check . There are THREE  streets in the neighborhood, yes THREENeighborhood                                                                                                                                        Zimmerman was also the same neighborhood watch person who had made 46 calls to SPD.

Next much later where the word “Zimmerman” appears on the non- Emergency call (often called the 911 call)

  • At 6:22 Listen carefully you hear a noise which is then compared to a Police test of the type of gun Zimmerman was carrying.

    Is this the sound of Zimmerman cocking his gun AS he left his vehicle in pursuit of Trayvon.

  •  At 12:30 -sharp inhales/exhales body language what does this sound like, Nervous or lying?



One Reply to “Dissecting Zimmerman lies on SPD interviews http://youtu.be/gVUqY3tyttc #J4TM”

  1. Among the more prominent and provable lies GZ told SPD are the ones regarding how the two moved from “near the clubhouse now” to the vicinity of the cut thru. George told a very inconsistent and openly contradictory account of this, and did so to hide the fact that he likely never saw the teen on Retreat View Circle at all, and most assuredly and provably chased the teen with his car, causing the teen to run off the roadway and into the proverbial “dark alley” where George then went on foot. So the pursuit was not just the pursuit he tried to omit as heard on the NEN call recording, but also the more threatening and aggressive pursuit with his car.

    The prosecution has entered into evidence a clip from the clubhouse videos that shows the only car in the vicinity at the time, and it TROLLS the mail kiosk very slowly at the time of the NEN call. It’s George, giving the stink eye to the teen moments before George himself “doubles back” to face the mail kiosk with his car from near the first bend in Twin Trees Lane, an activity he lied to obscure knowing how mendacious it was.

    George marked a map showing this position but quickly amended it jut before telling a whopper of a lie about the teen being the one who “doubled back” from near the T to circle his vehicle, an activity that is impossible to reconcile with the timing of events suggested by the non-emergency call recording.

    Keep in ming GZ never mentioned the fact that the teen ran away from him when he gave statements to the SPD. He only speaks to the issue reluctantly, when prompted. But for the recording of his call, and him saying “shit, he’s running” the authorities would never have learned the teen ran away. As it is, most are uncertain that he did so in response to a moving car.

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