Sanford Trayvon Vigil

Thanks to everyone who attended & helped make the vigil in Fort Mellon park successful. Between 200-300 good people we there. Strong encouraging speeches were made. It is apparent that Trayvon’s murder has catalysed a movement as it should. The sentiment must remain, don’t let the emotion fade, it can’t if change is to happen.

Incredible thanks must go to Francis Oliver for taking our needs and making them happen at last minute notice.

If anyone has photos of the event they would like to share here please let me know.

Something happened that night that was also powerful. The singer of the song “Under my Hoodie’  ZorenZo tweeted me to watch & promote the song/video. I’d heard the song at all the rallies in 2012 and it was powerful and it grew on me. But I’d never watched the video. Wow, it said everything we proposed last night in Sanford, coming together to protect each other and respect each other, not judging people for the clothes they wear or the color of their skin. If you want to see it again or haven’t seen it yet here it is. I urge you to watch it then become active 🙂



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