Thank you

I’d like to thank everyone that turned up at Dr Phillips High School to counter-protest against the Westboro Church.

The students and their counter-protest organizers were a credit to their school and should be hailed as such by the faculty.

It was sad to see such a small child on the WBC side of the street being raised with such hatred.

Thanks again, well done to everyone. Everyone behaved and showed the media and the public who the better side is. Love won against hate.

p.s. If anyone has photos from the counter-protest that I can use here please contact me via the comment form. I vet the comments before they go live so you can put an email address in the comment if you want. It won’t go on the blog.  You can also send a me a url to images if you like .Thanks


2 Replies to “Thank you”

  1. People really shouldn’t counter protest them
    I mean they are complete arseholes, but their doctrine says that people will travel to hate them, and that is exactly what is happening. People should just ignore them, they will protest anyway, and at least then they won’t have the satisfaction of getting the attention.

    1. I’m a fellow Brit and yes they are complete arseholes but most of the protestors are from the school and travelled nowhere. The others were members of the GLBT community and I applaud them for showing support. Sitting on your arse might dry up the funding of the bloody WBC but that might happen once. How will everyone country wide just ignore the WBC?
      They would protest anyway, as you said, and if nobody counter-protested they would just up the ante and try some other dirty hate filled tactic to incense people and then sue them. They’re not going to give up until they can be closed down financially.
      People stand up for causes they believe in and rightly so. Protesting causes changes to happen. If enough people are pissed off at the Westboro church maybe they can be legally taken out.

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