Ex-WBC member broadcast. Counter-protest advice

” I’m here to recruit you”

harvey milk

“Hope will never be silent”- Harvey Milk

Just listened to Nate Phelps. Very interesting.
It was nice to hear some sanity out of that hateful family. Regarding the upcoming counter-protest his suggestion to oppose Westboro church was,  aside from non-attendance and raising money for GLBT causes, to turn a back on WBC members and that drowning out WBC speeches/ singing with noise makers and music has worked before.

So crank up  “Lady Gaga’s – ‘Born this way’ ,  blow those  whistles,  and  turn your  back.

a reminder to to new visitors  Counter-protest to Westboro church’s picketing of Dr Phillips High School is at 6am at 6500 Turkey lake rd. Orlando on 29th April

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