Westboro church vs Dr Phillips High school, counter-protest -Safety!

“I’m here to recruit you”

harvey milk
“I cannot prevent anyone from getting angry, or mad, or frustrated. I can only hope that they’ll turn that anger and frustration and madness into something positive, so that two, three, four, five hundred will step forward, so the gay doctors will come out, the gay lawyers, the gay judges, gay bankers, gay architects … I hope that every professional gay will say ‘enough’, come forward and tell everybody, wear a sign, let the world know. Maybe that will help.” Harvey Milk, 1978

‘The Center ‘ has asked me to request that groups planning to attend the counter-protest at Dr Phillips High school on 29th April,   have a spokesperson  contact Randy Stephens at ‘The Center’ via email.    director@thecenterorlando.org

In this way we can have a degree of organization and safety in what can be volatile environment.

Safety remains of utmost concern. We will be outside a high school.


A peaceful protest is what is necessary. It’s imperative to show who the better party is.

The most successful protestors are peaceful ones

On the day despite any taunting, try not to get into arguments (or worse) with the opposition. More is to be gained by speaking to the press. And they’re friendlier !

See you at 6a.m. on 29th April at Dr Phillips High school 6500 Turkey Lake rd. Orlando.

Contact us on Facebook so we can have some idea of numbers attending
If this doesn’t work please use the comment form to tell me please

Harvey showed us the way. Now follow it