Dr Phillips High School, Westboro church counter-protest news

“I’m here to recruit you”

“The fact is that more people have been slaughtered in the name of religion than for any other single reason. That, that my friends, is true perversion..” Harvey Milk

Well, looking around this morning it seems that the students facebook page has over 1700 people pledging to attend the counter-protest.

Local GLBT organizations are meeting to amalgamate the different groups of attending counter-protestors.

More police have been drafted in to control the event.

News reports are at:

CFnews13 , Orlando Sentinel, Wesh 2,

Supportive Facebook pages


This is how Westboro Church is reporting the event on their site

“WBC will picket Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando to remind this nation that these high school students act like hellbound beasts because they have been raised to believe God is a liar. Every adult in their lives has lied to them about these very important matters of eternity. Only the servants of God at WBC will tell them to the truth, that God hates fags, divorce + remarriage = adultery, nations that will not obey God are doomed, and thus america’s destruction is imminent! Instead of rejoicing that they are receiving this message before it is too late to repent, these doomed american high school students set upon God’s prophets to do them harm while their parents, preachers and teachers cheer them on. Their violence and caterwauling change not one jot of God’s standard. At the end of their heathen rampage against the members of WBC, these teenage beasts and their adult enablers are still headed straight for Hell! The God who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah reigns eternally and this nation shall soon see His wrath pour out from heaven. These pathetic high school students and their teachers, parents and preachers will cry out for the mountains to fall upon them to escape the pain of an angry God. It will be better on the day of the Lord’s returning for the ancient Sodomites than for any of the inhabitants of doomed america.”

You can find their flier, which is even nastier, by googling “Westboro church Dr Phillips flier pdf ” I tried to post it on here but it was too nasty for WordPress’s Web bots.  I’m not surprised.

Read it yet? No? Do it now!

OK, if you read it you should be signing up to attend the counter-protest.

You need to turn out to the counter-protest. These hate filled people are outside one of OUR schools. If nothing else, be there to support local kids who do not need to be exposed to this kind of bigotry. Allegedly WBC  spreads their message  in the name of god. This doesn’t sound like any form of Christianity or godliness to me!

Words from Harvey Milk.   And whilst much has changed, much also remains the same.

6a.m. at Dr Phillips High School , 6500 Turkey Lake r.d., Orlando

here’s a map