Protest Westboro church’s picket of Dr Phillips High school

“I’m here to recruit you”

“Hope will never be silent.
Harvey Milk

Hi. On April 29th at 6.50 a.m.  a posse of Westboro Church’s finest … s will be gathering at Dr Phillips High School on Turkey Lake rd. in Orlando. They will be holding an anti-gay youth rally at this time.

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I’d like to ask  people to  join us at 6am for a  peaceful protest against these hate mongerers.

Please reply below or on the facebook protest pages if you can attend and if so how many others you will be bringing along. Please bring banners, signs etc

We’d like a protest that Harvey Milk would be proud of.

Ok, so ‘who is Westboro church?’ you ask

first of all here’s the link to the Orlando Sentinel story about the rally on the 29th

now a little info on the church:

The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is an independent Baptist church known for its extreme stance against homosexuality[1] and its protest activities, which include picketing funerals and desecrating the American flag.[2] The church is widely described as a hate group[3] and is monitored as such by the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center. It is headed by Fred Phelps and consists mostly of members of his large family;[4] in 2007, it had 71 members.[5] The church is headquartered in a residential neighborhood on the west side of Topeka about three miles west of the Kansas State Capitol at 3701 West 12th Street, Topeka, Kansas, United States. Its first public service was held on the afternoon of Sunday, November 27, 1955.[6]

The church has been actively involved in the anti-gay movement since at least 1991 when it sought a crackdown on homosexual activity at Gage Park six blocks northwest of the church.[7] In addition to anti-gay protests at military funerals, the organization pickets other celebrity funerals that are likely to get it media attention


The Topeka, Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) is a small virulently homophobic, anti-Semitic hate group that regularly stages protests around the country, often several times a week. The group pickets institutions and individuals they think support homosexuality or otherwise subvert what they believe is God’s law.

Incorporated in 1967 as a not-for-profit organization, WBC considers itself an “Old School (or Primitive)” Baptist Church. WBC’s leader is Fred Phelps and several of his children and dozens of his grandchildren appear to constitute the majority of the group’s members. WBC has no official affiliation with mainstream Baptist organizations.

While WBC members have protested at Jewish institutions over the years, such institutions were not a major focus for the group until April 2009. Since then, WBC has targeted dozens of Jewish institutions around the country, from Israeli consulates to synagogues to Jewish community centers, distributing anti-Semitic fliers to announce planned protests at these sites. WBC has also been sending volumes (in some cases dozens over the course of a week) of faxes and emails with anti-Semitic and anti-gay messages to various Jewish institutions and individuals.

In addition, in April 2010, the group began mailing a virulently anti-Semitic DVD to Jewish organizations and leaders. The DVD also attacks President Obama, describing him as the anti-Christ, and is filled with anti-gay and anti-Catholic vitriol.

Other WBC targets include schools the group deems to be accepting of homosexuality; Catholic, Lutheran, and other Christian denominations that WBC feels are heretical; and funerals for people murdered or killed in accidents like plane crashes and for American soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, a tactic the group started in 2005. Though the group’s specific focus may shift over time, they believe that nearly all Americans and American institutions are “sinful,” so nearly any individual or organization can be targeted.

Shirley Phelps-Roper

In fact, WBC members say that “God’s hatred is one of His holy attributes” and that their picketing is a form of preaching to a “doomed” country unable to hear their message in any other way.

Additionally, the group has tried to stage protests in foreign countries. In February 2009, the WBC announced plans to travel to Great Britain to protest the staging at a school there of “The Laramie Project,” a play about the vicious murder of a young gay man, Matthew Shepard, in 1998. (British government officials barred the group from entering the country.) The group made it to Canada in August 2008, where they picketed the funeral of a young man who was the victim of a brutal murder on a Greyhound bus, which was national news in that country. Authorities there reportedly tried to prevent the group from entering their country, but the WBC claims it was able to evade Canadian border patrol agents to stage the protest.

Please please show up on 29thApril 6am to protest against Westboro church. Let us know how many you can bring . Write emails, text, twitter and facebook your friends about our counter protest.


10 Replies to “Protest Westboro church’s picket of Dr Phillips High school”

  1. I personally came from this school and I am a “lesbian”.
    I don’t think that a church needs to be putting their input on how a public school should be ran. Dr. Phillips High is known for their Theater program and actually has graduated and now have successful, intelligent and high achieving students. Sit back and think about it. I understand everyone has their opinions and choices in freedom of speech. But at a SCHOOL during SCHOOL HOURS. So lets distract the kids to draw attention the gays and parents of the gays to tell them that they are wrong and that they shouldn’t be happy with them selves even if they have straight A’s. Isn’t school about learning who you are, learning how to be successful and how to accept things that are different “hence PUBLIC school”. I can’t believe that this is what people are worried about. There are plenty more things to be worried about minus targeting ONE school for having a variety of successful children.

    I pray for the church and for the people protesting against being independent. I will be there protesting for my school, my neighborhood and for my FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

    ps, good job on giving high school students more of a complex than they already have by simply being in high-school!


    1. Thank you for the comment. I heartily agree with you. Education is for all. The church should not be there. I think young need legal protection from idiots like this so they can get a good education irrespective of their sexual orientation. Quite frankly nothing WBC does seems Christian at all.

      1. I’m a Christian and am an active member of a Baptist church but i would join you in protesting WBC. They give the rest of us a bad name. Jesus said we should love our neighbor and the WBC is all about hate. sad, sad, sad…

      2. I appreciate your comments Andrea. If you could come to the counter-protest. April 29th 6am outside Dr Phillips High school. See posts/pages for a map. Please research parking ahead of time . There is none at school or in immediate vicinity. If you can get get dropped off that’s probably best.

  2. Or you could just ignore them. The same theory applies to the internet, if you feed a troll he wins. The only method of protesting I’ve seen against these idiots is where one gentlemen quietly set up a table across from where they were protesting and accepted donations to all the things the WBC protests against. Gay coalitions, veterans support groups and whatnot would be elective options to donate for, and all the donated money would be made in the name of the WBC.

    Free speech is a right that these people have, no matter how distorted their views are. You can scream back at them and have it fall on deaf ears or just ignore them and they will become ineffective. But right now, they are generating a lot of media coverage for doing very little.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I am not proposing counter-protesters confront WBC. They have shown many times that they fund their pickets by suing counter-protestors. I have suggested that people turn their backs on the WBC and instead talk to the press. They should purely turn up to support the GLBT community and the school. I have also suggested as you ( and ‘The Center’) had suggested that people make donations at this time. Whilst it is absolutely the WBC’s right to free speech that also applies to everyone else. And people need to say their piece. They should just say it to the right people, namely the media.

      thank you once again for taking the time to write.

  3. Yes that is right, I want people to show up to show the media and students that it is okay to be how you want to be and have your freedom of speech in a respectful way. As well as I am standing up for the glbt community, seeing how we have been dealing with it in the real world. Basically its about the students, school and community. I am proud of where I came from and there is no reason to have negativity that is not needed. We will be the BRIGHT RAINBOW that come after the RAIN of negativity from the church.

  4. I heard about this last week. It was shocking because I had just recently done some research on the church and the next day I found out they were coming to my city. I really wanted to join the counter-protest or at the least see this for myself, but I was stuck in school about ten minutes away at Jones High School. Although, I do agree with the statement “womble” said about ignoring them, I was really impressed and happy about the organized counter protest. I am proud of the Dr.Phillip students for their effort. We don’t see too many of the youth stepping out and attempting to make difference as a whole, these days.

    1. I agree, the students and the organizers of the students counter-protest were a credit to their school. The WBC looked pathetic against such show of support. (not that they’re not pathetic at other times too!)
      Yes, ignoring them has its merits in that the church would have nobody to sue. But fundamentally people need to be able say their piece without fear.

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