Thank you

I'd like to thank everyone that turned up at Dr Phillips High School to counter-protest against the Westboro Church. The students and their counter-protest organizers were a credit to their school and should be hailed as such by the faculty. It was sad to see such a small child on the WBC side of the …


Turn Up Turn Out

"I'm here to recruit you" Hi. This will be my final post before the counter-protest tomorrow(29th April). This will be a quick reminder that counter-protestors should stay safe Do not confront Westboro Baptist Church members. They have shown many times that they fund their pickets by suing counter-protestors. Turn your backs on the WBC and …

Counter-protest news 4/27/11

A quick suggestion to anyone who might read this before the counter-protest on Friday. If someone from one of the major local GLBT organizations could set up a collections table on the day it would probably be a good  idea. Many people have suggested it. For counter- protest details please click on the 'about' link.