Welcome to Friends of Harvey. I was moved deeply by Harvey Milk primarily by the movie ‘Milk’ although I had read something about him before. The movie provoked me to learn more about him. I read some books watched archive Videos and read his speeches. I consider him my mentor for activism. The content here will be varied from Political rants, comments on News stories, activist help, posts on LGBT, Civil and Human rights issues and videography/ journalism resources. Scrolling down shows a few of the last blog posts, so you will need to click on the ‘Blog’ link to see the rest



Donald Trump committed an illegal act by telling NFL to fire players

When Donald Trump tweeted: He did more than ramp up NFL players and others to oppose the killing of black people by police by kneeling during the National anthem. #TaketheKnee #Takeaknee had players and supporters kneeling in massive numbers across the country yesterday. Whole teams stayed in locker rooms during the National anthem. But Trump …



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